Monday, August 3, 2009

Each according to his Need

There’s a sad story being written but very few are willing to open the cover and read it.

To all those whose fields will bear no fruit I personally have compassion and pity for you but you are going to shortly reap what you have sown.

Social Security is inherently evil. It is the uncontrolled transfer of wealth from one individual to another without any benefit or service being rendered. Let’s take the following example:

Say you have a nice 2008 Chevy Suburban that seats 8 people. Now I have 5 kids and a wife but only an old 1990 Toyota Camry. Now I come up to your front door and ask you to trade vehicles because I would get more use out of the Suburban.

How would you answer? Would you even open your front door to talk to me? You worked (or are working) to own that vehicle, why should you give up the fruits of your labor?

As the Baby Boomers have been teaching their children utilitarianism so shall it intern be used against them. A little over a week ago I was having a conversation with a mother in her early fifties and I had a very hard time getting across the point that my generation is very hard hearted. Once the realization that my generation gives almost no thought about what happens to the elderly she became very defensive. The Baby Boomers have poorly considered their retirement. I understand that I won’t get a single Social Security Dollar so why should you get any?

Let’s go back to that car example. From a strictly utilitarian stance giving the Suburban to me the Camry owner makes perfect sense as I will get better utilization out of it. One person versus Seven…

Think about Social Security as not a whole car at once but as Mr. Johnny Cash said “A Part at a Time”. The government figuratively takes a bumper here, a visor there and eventually they collect enough parts they are able to assemble another Suburban. Now if you have 100 vehicles that all contribute some parts each owner can replace the 1% of his vehicle. Let’s take the problem down to is lower step where instead of 100 cars you only have parts taken from three vehicles. Replacing a third of your car would be a costly expense.

Currently there is no option to say: “I don’t want to pay Social Security. If I become indigent I accept my situation.”

Eventually the Baby Boomers are going to be a minority (maybe financially empowered but three votes is still more than one) and that same “everyone should have according to his need” will come back to haunt them. My generation hasn’t been taught the concept of charity but instead bathed and praised in materialism. Even now it’s getting to the point where if you ask someone in the thirty and under category they very much realize “You have to carry your own weight. Why should I help carry you as your usefulness has passed?”

1. Though it’s under reported America is being bred away. The ratio which immigrants breed at is far higher than Legal American Citizens (this is because the social support network effectively allows people to live far beyond their means legally). Those responsible (Like myself) who haven’t had a litter of children as I can’t support them are slowly losing our majority hold.

2. Those that are coming here aren’t joining into society. They are keeping large portions of their original culture (in some countries bribery is just a way of life). This will eventually lead to some very interesting consequences.

3. Social Security and other social net programs will intern be scaled back as the support structure supporting the massive number of retired individuals will get smaller and smaller. At some point the voter base will shift. After that point a reversal to reasonable concepts will disappear.

4. In a struggle to right the problem the Baby Boomers will attempt to spend what little savings then have to keep those in power that will vote for redistribution of wealth programs. This will be to no avail as the younger generation will look upon them and only see used up husks.

5. Post 65 becomes a death sentence.

Part 2 Coming…(hopefully shortly been really busy with work and other activities)

Taskmaster Cyning
Good Day and God Bless.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Quantum Mechanics - Changing the World

In many scientific circles the idea that quantum mechanics is dead prevails replaced by superstring theory. Your average world citizens from that giant mass of billions walking the earth probably would look at you with a confused expression if you tried to explain even a basic example. As a layman myself, let me try and break it down.

Say you go to shoot some pool at the local hall. If you haven’t ever tried pool you should it’s very much a combination of physics, tobacco smoke and alcohol. Today we are going to look at the physics part of it. When you hit the cue ball you give 2 things: Spin and Velocity. When it hits another ball it transfers a portion of those elements to it. The bumpers of the table keep all the balls in play but let’s expand this concept.

Atoms and molecules to a certain degree act like those pool balls. They can have Spin and Velocity. Maybe you’ve seen the movie Butterfly Effect. The concept is that a butterfly flaps it’s wings in China and the chain reaction of those molecules bouncing in exactly all the right spots eventually causes a tornado on the other side of the world. This problem is that to determine the exact Spin and Velocity of a given atom means that you would change it. I will relate this to needing to take a bite out of a chocolate cake to see what it tastes like but in taking a bite you don’t have the exact cake you started out with (It‘s Chocolate Cake minus 1 bite you now have and not sellable at that).

Many people think that rational logical scientific thought will invariably lead to atheism but I think that the opposite is that you progressively reach questions that only have two illogical answers. There’s a simple principle that matter/energy can’t be created or destroyed(It can be changed but it has to exist in some form). The bottom at the end of the chain becomes: “Where did all this matter and energy come from in the first place?” From some tests and measurements they say that the total amount of energy is equal to zero and that the entirety of our known universe is a fluctuation of symmetry (Makes your head hurt just trying to read that sentence don‘t it).

Back to the main point.

Since I’m Christian I believe God exists (It‘s a real time saver no sleepless nights thinking about stuff I can‘t change only stuff I might change). I think the depictive Genesis 1:3 “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” is a simple example. It’s like poking a blob of Jello it jiggles. In this case it was a much bigger object but with the knowledge of knowing just exactly where to poke to cause stuff to happen. Effectively God knew the right state of enough energy/matter and sent it bouncing around in a predictable way. Isn’t Quantum Mechanics awesome?

In posting this it displaces exactly the right atoms to propagate a beneficial chain in my favor.

Good day and God Bless.
Taskmaster Cyning

The request:

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

(E-mail to be sent tonight)

Dear Mr. Beck,

TLDR(To Long Didn’t Read) Short Version:

I’m one of the few young people that I know that actually cares about the situation that currently exists in the political realm. I expect that by the time I earn a decent enough wage allowing me to dedicate time to something other than paying my bills that America will be firmly in it’s regression. Simply put the age disparity of the Tea Parties will render them impotent. On your next round table type episode please bring to the front of the line the issue of recruitment and the lack of youth outreach.

Thank You.

The Long Version:

I’ve been fortunate enough to benefit from the many safety and protective nets that our government has erected over the decades. Taking a third party perspective I should find myself indebted to the government forever for the support that allowed my family to survive when 150 years ago we would have starved(or most of the third world). This support allowed me to finish 2nd in my high school class and attend 3 years of college (cumulative because of moving) but more importantly it’s allowed me the opportunity to survive long enough where I have cable internet and sufficient spare time to compose this letter.

I attended a Tea Party that was hosted on 5/17/09 at the Emerald Coast Conference Center ( The most disheartened thing was the huge age disparity of the attendees. I was probably the only person under 30 that came on my own volition with the exception of a few military looking couples(Eglin Air Force base is 20 minutes away). Lower taxes, less government spending, sustainable social programs are all wonderful prospects but the lack of anyone young that values them will eventually kill any effort to reign them in.

I work with a guy that has 2 part-time jobs. He generally works about 50 hours combined. The way the system is currently stacked he will vote (if he had the time) for which ever party promises more benefits. Let me break it down:

19 hours part-time at job A at $9/hour + 31 hours at job B at $9/hour = 450 pretax income per week.
Let’s slap 15% aggregate tax percentage and you get 382.5 post tax income.

This averages to 1657.5 dollars per month.

Approximate Monthly Essentials:
$900 rent composite (Housing/electricity/water/trash)(He had roommates but they moved out. He got new ones but can‘t be counted on.)
$80 fuel (Very little Public transit in this area)
$200 food (Average $2.19 per meal)
$100 car insurance (It’s mandatory)
$100 credit card fee’s/ interest.

This leaves him with only $277.5 in other income at this point. He doesn’t get health insurance from either employer as being part-time the coverage to benefits ratios are really bad.

Let’s say he did get the insurance which will be about 120 per month he’s down to 157.5.

Other than essentials he has a grand total of 9.5% of his income that’s not locked down. Since both jobs hold him at part-time so they don’t have to give sick days, vacation or, benefits of any type he’s not making any progress forward.

In this situation this makes programs like Nationalized Healthcare and joining a Union wonderful prospects. There’s no one looking out to improve his life. He doesn’t want kids because he’s responsible enough to understand that HE CAN’T AFFORD THEM! If he wanted to go back to school to get a better education to get a better job HE CAN’T AFFORD IT! Those that value conservative issues aren’t being proactive in their recruitment of the hard workers in their own communities. I feel that this oversight will lead eventually to the failure of the system as a whole.

Let’s look at this from a different perspective:
Per week breakdown
50 Hours on the actual clock
2 Hours work prep time (bathing, getting dressed, ect…) for 8 different shifts
1 Hour worth of drive time
56 Hours worth of Sleep time
3 Hours worth of (cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, ect..) worth of assorted housework

Leaving a total of 56 Hours per week worth of available time.

This hectic schedule reminds me of a guy I worked with in Dallas. Chris had 2 kids and a wife and was making barely enough to survive. He didn’t have enough free time to learn about the news of the day or the underlying politics that govern them. Every day that I worked with him he worked hard for every dollar paid to him but working hard wasn’t helping him make any progress in his life.

I’m all about personal responsibility but when your severely restricted in your free time you start bypassing activities that are important to personal growth. I generally read or write for 2 hours a day. This keeps me informed and constantly expanding the capacity of my mind since I can’t afford to finish school currently. I’m married and my wife has an excellent job considering (since she lacks a college degree) this affords us the ability to persue a large range of activities.

The Solution Section: (If your going to bring up a problem offer a solution)

The concept that you have to pro-actively fight for your way of life is essential. Look a George Soros the man is spending money right and left for causes that are actively damaging the ability of the upcoming generation to actually prosper. He has a vision and he’s actively working to accomplish it. A critical portion of Tea Party activity needs to be centered on recruitment and education.

The recruitment portion needs to be two fold. It needs to draw the hard workers to jobs where positive sustainable wages are present. My dad once made the comment “The difference between greed and capitalism is Christianity.” As employers (which a lot of these small business tea party attendees are) paying the lowest amount possible for labor looks great on the books but at the end of the day it is going to come back to bite you. The masses that are now at a negative tax rate (Earned income tax, Welfare, Food Stamps, ect…) still get to vote and conservatives seem to oblivious to this fact.

25 Employee Restaurant.
1 GM $45k/year + bonus
3 Other Managers $40k/year + bonus
6 Cooks $8/hr
3 Bartenders $12/hr
12 Waiter/Waitresses 3/hr + tips

This makes it such that 7 (Managers + Bartenders) people “might” make enough to make positive progress if they spend responsibly. The other 18 (Waiters + Cooks) people probably have a lot of difficulty making ends meet even if they are hard workers. The point I’m making is that by paying people by the minimum of the law you are actively growing the portion that will vote for progressive wealth redistribution because they have no chips in the pool.

18 > 7!!!

Sadly by the time I make a decent wage(being in the same boat as my co-worker $9/hr at part-time is barely enough to pay my bills) and can afford to spend my disposable income in proactive ways it will more than likely be to late. There are hundreds of thousands of conservative small business owners which need to realize that they are going to be put under if they don’t start making moves now to protect their welfare.

If I had 5 million dollars:

1. The creation of an independent job skills index report. You have to take the SAT/ACT to get into college. There’s no standardized test for the unwritten job skills. How durable are you? Willing to come in sick? How hard do you work? Are you pro-active? Creativity? Reliability? If there was a optional testing service that you could attach to a resume to give an employer a measure of the employee independent of previous perspective. A fancy Harvard degree can oftentimes be defeated with common sense.

2. Organize a Union based around 9-12 principles. Again this is a pro-active issue. If you look at the Unions available there aren’t any that could generate a cohesive bond that helps both employer and employee. As it currently stands it can take moving mountains to get rid of one single employee. If there was a Union that was will work to streamline the logjam with features like: A simple best of care contract where lawsuits aren’t allowed, ability for the union to remove poorly performing members/employees, wages tied to company performance, union dues tied to a 401k plan. Right now there’s no reason to help the company other than to get as much possible from it before it dies.

3. Organization of business with similar 9-12 values providing discounts to each other. Again this comes to the fact of wasted profits on insurance. If two parties need millions of dollars of insurance to make a deal since they can’t trust each other to make the situation right then why even do business? Some might say this is a type of protectionism and by definition it is but hiring/buying from people that are going to make charitable donations to the ACLU is a choice I want to make (and not buy from them).

The other issue at the core is that slowly we are losing the ability to actually make choices determined on our personal values. Take Equal Opportunity Employment laws they effectively make running a private business that wishes to discriminate impossible. By discriminating I will quite possibly lose the most proficient individual for a specific task but that’s an acceptable lose when it comes to a moral issue.

Thank you for taking the time to read my rant.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

When I Wake Up

Our Mentality: Group Think
Quote: “Cogito, ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am) Rene Decartes

Let us look at any national newspaper (while they still exist) and you will see the effects and consequences of group think. Maybe it’s France, Spain or Germany this week where there are riots of one variety or some issue that is so obfuscated that only a professional international law attorney can begin to make sense of it. This is where group think has clouded what’s important. When people stop looking out for their personal responsibilities as their primary obligation then growth stops.

A Google search of the following string (Spain q1 2009 unemployment rate) leads to a page with with a PDF file (Spain: Another surge in the unemployment rate, to 17.4% in Q1 2009).


Obviously there is some serious issue within the governmental structure that is causing almost 1 in 5 to be without a job. This is where the concept of the individual versus the group comes into play. Like most of the European countries the redistribution of wealth has lead down only one path, failure. Eventually the highly taxed will do as they always have, throughout recorded history, revolt(or disappear).

In that system you expect a tiny minority to cover the tax burden of the majority the incentive to actually become a producing individual decreases. Why work hard when you can just get by with the bare minimum? Only a fool works harder than is needed in the current system where success and dedication are vile words. At work I see this all the time. There are plenty of times when an individual could take all the proper steps and complete the task as it should be done properly but they only do enough to keep their job.

I’m not uncompassionate just utilitarian(why waste resources on non-producers?). As my dad said: “You wanna eat? Ya gotta work.” Right now there are millions of meals every day served off the taxpayers dime without a single useful benefit rendered for them. In effect it’s stealing. The end result is taking from one person and giving to another without anything being rendered to the first person.

If you don’t think that it this is stealing try the following:

The Checkbook Challenge:
Mail me a fully signed checkbook(leaving the amount and recipient blank) and a copy of your most recent financial statement on that account. Also a signed and notarized document stating that you give me full permission to spend up to the amount in the account on any program or person I deem worthy (no questions asked even for groups such as Tree Climbers International except only ones that do it naked minus harnesses). You will need to get a lawyer to craft the document such that each is unique as a downloadable form document is prone to fraud. Thanks!

(I’m pretty sure I’ll never see a checkbook. If I do I‘m spending it all immediately on gold coins.) This is exactly what is happening to our tax dollars. I pay Social Security and FICA tax in the United States(and these dollars go to people that I don‘t even know). Internationally it’s highly likely that you will also pay a VAT (Value Added Tax) on almost everything you touch. As the percentage that pays taxes slowly decreases and the majority that receives the benefits increases you will see more stagnation the incentive to put food on your table is gone.

When I wake up each morning I usually endeavor to perform to the best of my ability in all activities that I undertake or are assigned. This is an individual choice. I could just as easily decide that I’m going to work slow and let others cover a portion of my work. Effectively the problem that exists on a macro level is that the masses that have no vested interest in the issue(they pay no taxes) but yet they have a voice(can vote).

Let me leave you a closing scenario.

1. Political conditions are roiling (It‘s getting there).
2. The electrical grid shuts down (How or why is unimportant).
3. After a few days the grid is still down. The only news you get is from neighbors you never talked to before that it won’t be coming back up ever.
4. Where do you go? Do you even have skills that will feed you? I mean really who needs lawyers and hairdressers?

Welcome to Feudal Europe.

Good Day and God Bless.
Taskmaster Cyning

(More on this topic to come)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The New Star Spangled Banner, The Black, White and Gray

Our Mentality: When Black is White
Quote: War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. George Orwell 1984

What’s wrong? What’s right? There are so many complexities in the current American system that it is really hard to determine when something can be simply classified as wrong or right. Let’s take one of the hot button issues and break it down.

The legalization of marijuana:

The base issue at the bottom of the stack after all the medical reports, tax projections, wasted DEA money complaints from both sides is:

“How are we raising children that feel the need to dull or alter their perception of reality in any manner? How come they can’t properly cope with and understand the reality that they are living in?”

These questions are rarely asked in any debate about the issue because it gets to the core of the problem that drug use (in any form) really isn’t about the drug but the escape from reality that it induces (Painkillers, Hallucinogens, Downers, Uppers, ect…). Until we start to deal with the issues that even tempt people to try drugs all the other assorted issues are moot until that’s dealt with.

This leads back to my point, if we are really looking at a derivative issue which can only be looked at in shades of gray and avoiding some type of core black and white issue we do ourselves a disservice by wasting resources with studies and reports on marijuana. Simply put if people weren’t caught up trying to ignore what bothers them and actively deal with hardships then the need for some type of facilitator to ignore hardships would disappear. If the disappearance of the hardship facilitator occurs most of the other side issues evaporate with them.

In effect a solution (Grey):
If the majority (99%+) of people decided they don’t want marijuana. (Raised with proper coping mechanisms)
Laws that ban marijuana completely are removed. (Growers/Purchasers license required)
Laws put in place for narcotic use similar to current drunk driving rules.
THC cap percentage put in place (marijuana’s THC levels are regulated to certain PPM counts and any marijuana with a greater PPM count than a set standard is still illegal.)
All health issues related to marijuana use/effect (years of actively inhaling ash can’t have a positive effect) are refused to be treated by tax funded medical services.
Publically available list of all growers/users posted on the internet. Laws prohibiting hiring/firing discrimination removed.

Issues rendered pointless:
Illegal drug trafficking
Money laundering
Weapons trade
The need for constant workplace drug testing. You can look on a list and see if any employees or applicants are on it. Active discrimination allowed.
Additional Tax revenue

Overall Issue: The legalization of currently banned narcotics.
Black: The tax burden placed on the non-users of narcotics in the associated health and legal costs.
Gray: People should have the right to actively destroy their bodies in any method they feel like accepting.
White: Children are raised and feel no urge to even try narcotics or drugs of any type because they can deal with negative consequences and stressful situations.

The wrong and right of the issue isn’t the actual drug use but the reason behind the drug use. Let’s take alcohol since it’s been the drug of choice since man accidentally fermented some fruit. If you’re an alcoholic and use it unwisely it’s wrong as its results are destructive. If you have a few drinks a month with friends in a safe social setting that’s right and dandy in my book. The difference between “BEER WOOT! LETS GET DRUNK!” and “I chose to drink this glass of wine in celebration of a wonderful enjoyable week. Cheers.”

Good day and God Bless.
Taskmaster Cyning

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The House on the Sand

Our Mentality: Moral Equivocation
Quote: “Whateva, I do what I want!” Eric Cartman

The underlying basis, which forms the entire system as we know it in America, are morals provided to us through a Judo-Christian heritage. Slowly we are eroding these standards in a march toward secularism. Let us start at the beginning and work our way towards an end without religion based morals.

Take a simple atheist with a simple choice in belief that results in a world view such as:

“There is no God. There is no omnipotent function ruling the universe. In all likelihood there have been other species that have evolved and populate the known universe.”

Let’s ask a better question of the atheist:

Me - “Why is killing someone wrong?”
Atheist – “Huh?”
Me – “If I want to reach across this table and stab you to death with this knife should there be any negative repercussions?”
Atheist – “Yes.”
Me – “Why?”
Atheist – “It would be assault with a deadly weapon and murder which are both felonies.”
Me – “Why are there laws prohibiting murder and assault then?”
Atheist – “To help maintain public order.”
Me – “So what you are saying is that we should make out laws based on whatever helps to improve public order?”
Atheist – “Generally speaking, yes.”
Me – “So let’s get back to the meat of the question though, where did those laws originate from?”
Atheist – “The writers of the constitution and the specific legislators in the states ratified their own versions and form of those laws.”
Me – “So other than keeping public order there’s nothing wrong with killing people?”
Atheist – “I wouldn’t agree to that statement.”
Me – “Why not?”
Atheist – “Well, they have the right to live and attempt to prosper. You would be interfering with that.”
Me – “Let me take a different angle at this. So as an atheist you believe in pan-spermia or evolution in some form?”
Atheist – “Something along those lines is very likely.”
Me – “So the classic view with survival of the fittest determining basically how evolution goes has at least a foothold in your mind?”
Atheist – “I don’t like where this is going.”
Me – “All I’m saying is that if you instead apply Survival of the fittest to the killing question there’s nothing wrong about it. It something that just happens.

My simple point is that without some type of Judo-Christian based morals underlying our laws you are effectively building a house on sand (eventually it will wash away). If the basis of our laws simply becomes public order (The better question being why even keep public order?) and there isn’t a right/wrong component to the law eventually the law will break down. You can only maintain rule as long as the majority of the populace can be kept in fear for whatever reason (Family, Life, Property, ect…) much like the European Middle Ages.

Take a look at the Chinese system as it now stands. There are systematic culling’s of children, political dissenters, Christians and anyone else that stands in the way of public order (Or whatever a select few individuals determine). Basically the system is underwritten by fear of the Survival of the fittest principle without morals.

Another way to look at this issue is control of property. Take the Iraqi oil fields for example. The American public would have hugely benefited if after the 2003 invasion we would have just confiscated the land (much like Russians treatment of Afghanistan in the mid 1980’s). Without a moral sense that the land belongs to the Iraqi people we should have just stated “We will get better use out of this land. It’s ours. You are unfit to remain in possession of it. Thanks.” this is the slippery slope that the world as a whole is headed down. In the near future China will finally outgrow its borders and start looking for additional resource points.

Let me not digress any further. The more we pull away from laws that are simple (no obfuscation) and Judo-Christian based the more rifting we will see in our populace. Almost every issue that is in the political sphere of contemplation currently has a very simple solution but are we willing to accept that consequences? Some would consider having religion based morals as a hindrance but I personally see them as a way to set up effective guideposts.

Most of the following articles will be based on these 3 simple principles:
1. Love thy neighbor. I have enough compassion in my heart to see my neighbors prosper and grow without coveting what they have.
2. Positive Effects. Does the action or freedom have some type of direct positive effect?
3. Sustainability. Is the concept or idea sustainable on a large scale or able to perpetuate itself without a large negative effect.

Good day and God Bless.
Taskmaster Cyning

Freedom of Speech

The most important right we hold is Freedom of Speech. All other rights are protected or derive from this right.

I will over time bring up issues that some might find offensive. If I have to be be accepting of arguments and values I find offensive I request the same treatment of my points.

Proverbs 29:2

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked bearth rule, the people mourn.

After many years of just sitting and doing nothing about the corrupt and decaying system it is time to take action.

Good day and God Bless.
Taskmaster Cyning